Recording 4K 60fps ProRes on an iPhone Using an External SSD is Fun and Games, But How and Why?

Why Record Externally
Shooting crispy 4K 60fps ProRes on the iPhone 15 Pro is insane, but all those pixels come at the cost of your storage space. You'll max out your space quicker than you expect. So, grabbing an external SSD, like the Silicon Power PX10, is a clutch move. It's the perfect sidekick to offload your footage so you don't have to sacrifice storage space on your iPhone.

What You Need
To record 4K 60fps ProRes video to an external storage device, obviously, you are going to need an iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max, an external storage device that needs to be formatted with exFAT, and a USB 3 cable that supports a transfer speed of 10Gbps, and capable of write speeds of at least 220MB/s. This is particularly crucial because using a low speed cable will get you terribly low frame rate, and that’s the problem, because USB-C cables look identical, and your iPhone won't alert you if the cable is too slow when you’re shooting one.

PX10 Introduction
To help you record insanely beautiful 4K 60fps ProRes video and prevent any cable lag from slowing you down, Silicon-Power’s PX10 makes it one of the best external SSDs on the market you can get. The PX10 uses the ultra-fast USB 3.2 Gen2 interface, delivering read and write speeds of up to 1050MB/s, allowing your 4K video to transfer smoothly to the drive without any frame drops or bottlenecks. The PX10 also throws in a 60W power delivery and a zippy 10Gbps data transfer cable to keep your workflow seamless while capturing your beautiful moments.

Record to an SSD on iPhone 15 Pro
To start recording ProRes video on the PX10 with your iPhone, open the Camera app, plug the PX10 into your iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max, enable ProRes recording, and hit the record button. The recording time remaining, depending on the drive's capacity, will show at the top of your iPhone's screen. Also, you'll see "USB-C" near the record button to subtly indicate that the recording is saving to the PX10

Pro Upgrade with Rig
If you want to go above and beyond and go full professional mode, the PX10 is your ticket to a professional setup. With its compact and lightweight design, you can easily clip it onto your camera rig, transforming your shooting set into a cinematic experience. 

View the Video You Recorded to an External Drive
Once you record clips to the PX10, you can view them right on your iPhone 15 Pro by opening the Files app. The PX10 SSD will appear as an external drive where you can access the video files and play them back. You can also quickly air drop videos to your Mac or iPad for playback and editing.

Shooting ProRes format video on an iPhone is impressive, as it gives everyday creators high-quality output right in their pockets. Now, being able to shoot and save directly to the PX10 is incredible. It will significantly increase content creators' productivity and might also change the way they shoot and what they shoot.

PX10 external SSD is now available on Silicon Power Store and B&H