Silicon Power’s New DDR5 SODIMM Provides The Next-Level Edge For Your Laptop

Taipei, Taiwan – May 6th, 2022 – Silicon Power (SP) releases its newest SODIMM memory module for laptops with the latest, groundbreaking DDR5 technology. Read on to learn why it’s time to ditch your DDR4 module and make the upgrade.

Harness The Power Of DDR5

Taking speed, capacity, and reliability even further, the cutting-edge technology of this DDR5 SODIMM module gives that next-level edge for your laptop's performance. With an aggressive 4800MHz frequency, it's 50% higher than a standard 3200MHz DDR4 to provide multi-core CPUs with extreme responsiveness and the power to multi-task seamlessly.

Greater Power Efficiency

Even with all of its extra power, this DDR5 SODIMM module improves upon its predecessor with on-module voltage regulation. A power management integrated circuit (PMIC) reduces the burden on the motherboard control and results in a lower voltage of 1.1V versus 1.2V for DDR4 for even less power consumption.

Even More Reasons To Upgrade

● Doubled chip unit capacity compared to DDR4 (from 16GB to 32GB) for seamless multi-tasking
● Improved reliability versus DDR4 with On-Die Error Correction Code (ECC)                  
● Optimized efficiency with two independent 32-bit channels per module
● High computing performance with double the banks and double the burst length compared to DDR4

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